Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 worst things about Facebook

1. This is the most worst New Facebook Group structure. In this some one can add you in group and booooom emails notification are started to your email. whether someone post in that group or like post or comment on post Mark Zuckenberg ping you every time with smile of 100 email every day. and new users not able to change setting so this ads to their frustration.

2. You can create friend list but while adding the friend you need to select friend manually so when you get 50 freind request your hand start paining the addition process.

3. In chating window you can see 'List on off button ' to keep unwanted person away but same person can see you in group chat so he can aske you for sure "dude you are visible here but not in my chat window huuuh!!! :( :X" we say Thanx Mark zuckenberg....

4. Photo tagging is the worst gift of facebook to humanity...if you are famous then on each login your 5-10 creepy fans Unwanted photo on your wall welcomes you...and your time is wasted.

5. Quick reply mode in chatting : in this your chat is appear as email and you are confuse whats happening...and Mark Zuckenberg is at your service.

6.Friend suggestioin...what the hell??? they are even worse than Matrimonial Life Partner Suggestion!!!!

7. In facebook you can add only name and surname in the name what about 'Hamid abdul ali khan jafari'?

8.Facebook day clock work on USA timing that wrong. So india you see birthday of friend next day and he say "stupid you are late :x?"

9.Facebook need mobile verification and that what i feel is stoling private data wisely..or you can't comment and all stupid stuff...

10. And the last is facebook stole orkut from is least but importatnt worst fact about facebook.